HR Policy & corporate culture

  • Integration
    Our Company offers a complete integration process: presentation of the company, its values and its organization, interviews with your future partners, training sessions for our products, meetings favoring the appropriation of business culture.

  • Commitment
    Our commitment can be seen through our active participation to the success and excellence of our company. We prove our commitment by our determination, interest and dynamism in surpassing ourselves in our daily work as well as in our relationship with colleagues, customers and partners.

  • Team work and respect
    Team work allows to optimize everyone contribution. We work in team and are able to recognize and respect our differences. We are open minded to everybody’s ideas and we have adopted a behavior encouraging Exchange, Creativity and solution research.

  • Ethics and integrity
    We make sure to comply with high ethic an integrity criteria both on professional and private areas.We will honor our commitment towards our clients as well as our colleagues to be transparent and to deliver services meeting our values, in respect of relevant laws.

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By post: Péters Surgical - Human Ressources Department
42, rue Benoit Frachon 93013 - Bobigny cedex - France
Phone: +33 1 48 10 62 62