Peters Academy is the Product Training Programme of Peters Surgical.

The Peters Academy – June Session – has been designed fully LIVE and ONLINE especially for our Asian and African Partners. This event will provide you courses, offering digital eduction, wherever you may be.

This online session will be organized during 3 half days to boost your local business with deep-dive surgical and product trainings as well as practical sales tips on how to reach your target. 

Link: https://zoom.us/j/94540071480?pwd=NFZhTW43blhtQXZpZ2hyekxMWDZvdz09
Meeting ID: 945 4007 1480
Password: PSAcademy
In case of your computer sound is not good enough, you can combine with phone (optional):
- To find you local phone number: https://zoom.us/u/ad8mZAkeV
- Meeting ID : 945 4007 1480+ Password : PSAcademy

Peters Surgical Strategy

Our CEO, Thierry Herbreteau will share our 5 years International Strategy.

When: Monday 22nd. 7-7.30 AM GMT Time

-France, Nigeria (GMT+1): 8-8.30am
-Egypt, South Africa, Sudan (GMT+2): 9-9.30am
-India, Sri Lanka (GMT+5.5): 12.30-1.00pm
-Bangladesh (GMT+6): 1-1.30pm
-Indonesia(Jakarta), Thailand, Vietnam (GMT+7): 2-2.30pm
-China, Malaysia, Taiwan (GMT+8): 3-3.30pm
-Japan, South Korea (GMT+9): 4-4.30pm
-Australia (Sydney) (GMT+10): 5-5.30pm

Speaker: Thierry Herbreteau

Cardiac Advanced Session

How to upsell Sutures / Clips / VTO depending on CVT surgeries?
Discover needles specificities, competitions outlook, clinical information.

When: Monday 22nd. 7.30-10 AM GMT Time

-France, Nigeria (GMT+1): 8.30-11am
-Egypt, South Africa, Sudan (GMT+2): 9.30am-12pm
-India, Sri Lanka (GMT+5.5): 1.00-3.30pm
-Bangladesh (GMT+6): 1.30-4.00pm
-Indonesia(Jakarta), Thailand, Vietnam (GMT+7): 2.30-5.00pm
-China, Malaysia, Taiwan (GMT+8): 3.30-6.00pm
-Japan, South Korea (GMT+9): 4.30-7.00pm
-Australia (Sydney) (GMT+10): 5.30-8.00pm

Speakers: Alexandra Duval / Ludovic Allebee

General Surgeries Session 

Which Product for which Surgery?
Dedicated to general surgeries with a focus on Clip and Sutures, this sessions will help to master surgeons discussions with deep understanding of the clinical Practice.  

When: Tuesday 23rd. 7-10 AM GMT Time

-France, Nigeria (GMT+1): 8.00-11am
-Egypt, South Africa, Sudan (GMT+2): 9.00-12am
-India, Sri Lanka (GMT+5.5): 12.30-3.30pm
-Bangladesh (GMT+6): 2-4.00pm
-Indonesia(Jakarta), Thailand, Vietnam (GMT+7): 2-5.00pm
-China, Malaysia, Taiwan (GMT+8): 3-6.00pm
-Japan, South Korea (GMT+9): 4-7.00pm
-Australia (Sydney) (GMT+10): 5-8.00pm

Speakers: Alexandra Duval / Ludovic Allebee

Promesh® SURG Launch

Discover our new Mesh Portfolio Promesh® SURG for Hernia Repair Strategy. 

When: Wednesday 24th. 7-10 AM GMT Time

-France, Nigeria (GMT+1): 8.00-11am
-Egypt, South Africa, Sudan (GMT+2): 9.00-12am
-India, Sri Lanka (GMT+5.5): 12.30-3.30pm
-Bangladesh (GMT+6): 2-4.00pm
-Indonesia(Jakarta), Thailand, Vietnam (GMT+7): 2-5.00pm
-China, Malaysia, Taiwan (GMT+8): 3-6.00pm
-Japan, South Korea (GMT+9): 4-7.00pm
-Australia (Sydney) (GMT+10): 5-8.00pm

Clémentine Mougin / Pascal Huteaux