Péters Surgical


Péters Surgical is a French company which develops, manufactures and sells medical devices for the surgeon. Péters Surgical is acting on the market of sterilized single use medical devices for operating room. It is specialized in sutures, devices for temporary and permanent vascular occlusion, wall reinforcement, surgical glue, single use instruments for laparoscopic surgery, drains, etc. Our company is the unique French firm manufacturing and selling surgical sutures and is the European leader for haemostatic clips.

Péters Surgical: An international company responding to surgeons needs in the evolution of their practices.


  • Commitment
    Our commitment can be seen through our active participation to the success and excellence of our company. We prove our commitment by our determination, interest and dynamism in surpassing ourselves in our daily work as well as in our relationships with colleagues, customers and partners.

  • Excellence
    We ensure that our services are efficient, performant, rigorous and professional. We propose adapted and safe solutions respecting budget and time constraints, while enhancing innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Ethics
    We make sure to comply with high ethic an integrity criteria both on professional and private areas.
    We will honor our commitment towards our clients as well as our colleagues, to be transparent and to deliver services meeting our values, in respect of applicable laws.



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Sales by regions

650 People

R&D - 50 patents filed