New product

Adhesive cartridges of 6 pure titanium hemostatic clips

Indications : Suitable for all kind of surgery (cardiac, vascular and thoracic, visceral and digestive, urologic, gynecologic, plastic, ENT ...)

Clip, fully X ray detectable, compatible with MRI or related scanning equipment. Internal structure is comprised of small diamond shape pyramidal heads, ensuring a firm grip on the vessel.

6 sizes, 1 exclusive size, 6 color-codes to fit the 6 appliers.

A complete range of appliers for open surgery : 15cm, 20cm, 28cm and laparoscopic surgery : 5mm, 6.5mm, 10mm and 12.5mm diameter.

Medical device Class III – CE 0459 - Industry surgical Péters Surgical - warning surgical

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